Massage, Botanicals, and More for Health, Home and Pets

The mission of Terra Mater Masssge & Botanicals is to help our customers achieve greater holistic health through bodywork, the bounty of the earth, and the universe surrounding us.

Hearth & Home

The hearth is the center of the home.  In some houses the hearth is literally the fireplace or wood burning stove.  Some people don't have that so their hearth may be their kitchen stove or even symbolically their main living area where people gather.  Whether your hearth is literal or symbolic, having a health-affirming hearth area is good for the heart of the home.

A healthy home leads to a healthy individual and family.  In our houses, we can use "green" products that will cut down on our exposure to dangerous chemicals and be safer for the environment.  "Green" products can be found in many retail outlets.  We offer herbal products designed to clean, purify and edify the home and hearth.

We also carry a variety of incense products and candles.  Candlelight and the aroma of potpourri and incense lend a certain ambiance to a room.  Many people also find the use of candles and incense to be perfect for their spiritual practice.

Candles and Candleholders

(listings coming soon)


Patchouli cones
Pondicherry, 20 ct

Frankincense cones
Pondicherry, 20 ct

Jasmine cones
Pondicherry, 20 ct

Sandlewood cones
Pondicherry, 20 ct.

Amber cones
Pondicherry, 20 ct

Nag Champa Sticks
SaiBaba, 15 gr.

Frankincense Resin
Boswellia carteri
$1.95 per oz.

Benzoin Resin
Styrax benzoin
$2.58 per oz

Copal Resin
Bursera fagaroides

Myrrh Resin
Commiphora molmol
$2.58 per oz

Sandalwood Chips
Pterocarpus santalinus
$3.95 per oz

White Sage, loose leaf
Salvia apiana
$1.95 per oz

Yuletide Incense
Specialized Blend
$1.75 per 1/2 oz

Tools and Accessories

Mortar & Pestle
White stone

Abalone Shell

Stones & Crystals

Moonstone, polished
.99 per oz

Rose Quartz, polished
$1.25 per oz