Massage, Botanicals, and More for Health, Home and Pets

The mission of Terra Mater Masssge & Botanicals is to help our customers achieve greater holistic health through bodywork, the bounty of the earth, and the universe surrounding us.

About Us

Terra Mater is a small business with the goal of helping people live healthier and happier lives through natural products.

Terra Mater is founded, owned and operated by Roxanne Bare. Roxanne is a Licensed Massage Therapist having graduated from the Healing Arts Center, in St. Louis Mo.

Roxanne earned the Diploma of Holistic Health Practice with Honors from the Australasian College of Health Sciences in 2006 with certificates in Flower Essences; Nutrition, Body Care and Herbalism; Holistic Structure and Function of the Human Body; Natural Health Consulting; and Holistic Pathology and Protocols.

Roxanne has been a Reiki III Master/Teacher since 2006.

In 2009, Roxanne became certified as a Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Chef and Raw Nutrition Specialist from the Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education.

Roxanne has experience in teaching basic food safety, nutrition and budgeting from her days when she worked at the county level for University of Illinois Extension Service as coordinator and instructor of the Family Nutrition Program.  Roxanne is also a Master Food Preserver trained by the University of Illinois Extension Service in the safe methods of preserving foods.